Volunteer Stories

Pat Hedden

Assisted with Brew at the Zoo, Boo at the Zoo, ZooLights Preparation and assists with Hortculture regularly. Thanks for all you do, Pat!  We couldn't do it without you! 

“My former employer (30 years plus) encouraged all of us to seek out volunteer activities to participate in. Volunteering at the zoo offers me the opportunity to stay active working outdoors, enjoying the varied wildlife and fauna, interacting with a great group of folks while contributing in my small way to the maintenance of the zoo and its animals. A win-win. The beauty of all that is I am the one benefitting from all of this.”




Other Inspiring Volunteer Feedback!

“I love volunteering at the Baton Rouge Zoo because it makes me feel like I am making a positive difference in my community. Seeing children and there families having fun and learning about animals from all over the world is exciting. Even more exciting is knowing that the Zoo brings awareness to endangered animals, habitat loss, and conservation efforts.”

-Amelia Vetter


"I enjoy volunteering at the BREC Baton Rouge Zoo because it gives me a chance to work with amazing people and animals."

-Breann DeLee


“The BR Zoo has been a place of solitude and encouragement.  I truly have an abundance of love to give to the animals I encounter at the zoo.  I am thankful that the zoo's staff has embraced my quiet nature.”

-Elise Jackson


“I enjoy volunteering at the zoo because it has given me the opportunity to appreciate how truly amazing and adaptive animals are.  I have been able to learn hands-on, and from interacting and caring for the animals with zoo staff, I have learned how unique each species truly is.  I love to educate young and, old alike, in the community and hopefully in doing so, encourage them to be more inquisitive, and spark a desire to learn, appreciate, and understand more, so that future generations will also be able to share in the beauty and wonder of animals.”

-Pam Posster

“I am a Keeper Assistant volunteer, and I have had the opportunity to meet many of the animals and birds behind the scenes while assisting with cleaning their environments. Every day that I volunteer is different, and I love every second of it! Be prepared to get dirty and have fun! I volunteer with the Education department also, and I love learning about the small animals we have and being able to interact with them so closely. Connecting with zoo guests and teaching them about what makes each animal unique is also very rewarding! I've also helped with many special zoo events, including the Zoo Run Run, Boo at the Zoo, and the holiday parade. It's great to be able to represent the zoo and to interact with others who share a love for the animals!”