Annual Photo Contest 2021

Get your cameras ready! The Zoo’s annual Photo Contest, sponsored by The Advocate is happening again this year! 

CLICK HERE to submit your best shots! 


  • Children, ages 12 and younger (NOTE: Parent or guardian must register and submit photo for this category)
  • Junior, ages 13 - 18
  • Novice Adult, beginners and nonprofessionals
  • Advanced Adult, considerable experience to professional
  • Fun Foto, pictures of you, your family and/or friends having fun at the Zoo. The photo must be identifiable as being taken at Baton Rouge Zoo.


Only photos taken at BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo within the past year are eligible.  A photo can only be entered in a single category, with one entry allowed per person. All zoo and aquarium subject matter is eligible, but judges will give preference to photos of animals currently on exhibit. A judging panel will select all winners EXCEPT for fan favorite.


A first, second and third place winner will be selected within each of the categories. The judges will also select a grand prize winner from all entries. The zoo will also award a Fan Favorite prize. 

Winning entries will be exhibited during Zippity Zoo Fest, March 27 & 28, 2021 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (gate admissions open) and 6 p.m. (grounds close). Prizes will be awarded in every category at Zippity Zoo Fest.

Grand Prize Winner
- Honorary Keeper (Patron) Level Membership to Friends of the Baton Rouge Zoo
- VIP animal encounter/tour for winner and 3 guests
- C.C. Lockwood print 
- Collectible Baton Rouge Zoo ornament 

First Place Winners
- Household membership to Friends of the Baton Rouge Zoo
- Collectible Baton Rouge Zoo ornament

Second and Third Place Winners
- Collectible Zoo Ornament 

Fan Favorite Winner
- C.C. Lockwood print 
- Collectable Zoo Ornament 


All photos must be uploaded by March 1. 


  • The entrant must take all photographs.
  • One entry allowed per person.
  • An entry may include color or black and white photo.
  • Judges will disqualify photos with obvious or excessive digital manipulation.
  • Please retain a high resolution digital image.  Finalists will be contacted by email by a representative from THE ADVOCATE and will need to submit a high quality image by email at that time.
  • Zoo employees and board members, BREC employees and sponsor employees are ineligible.


FOR Children and Junior Categories: When submitting a photo, please put only the first name and age in the description area. You will submit the photographer's full name when you are contacted by email by a representative of Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo.

FOR Novice, Advance Adult, and Fun Foto categories: When submitting a photo, the Description area must have the photographer's full name along with any description of the photo content. 


Judges will evaluate entries primarily based on general interest, photographic proficiency and reproductive quality. A panel of jurors, chosen from the professional community, will judge the entries. All decisions made by the panel are final.


Entries will be acknowledged by email so it is very important to have a valid email address when registering and to check that email periodically. Photographs remain the copyrighted property of the photographer; however, BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo and Friends of the Baton Rouge Zoo reserve the non-exclusive right to use the imaged submitted to the contest for publicity, advertising, promotional, educational, and other purposes without obtaining further permission and/or compensation. The Baton Rouge Zoo and Friends of the Zoo will attempt to give credit to the photographer. Uploading your photo constitutes acceptance of these terms.

When submitting a photo, the Description area must have the photographer's full name along with any description of the photo content.