BREC’S Baton Rouge Zoo Begins Offering “Zooper Safe Birthday Parties” again!

February 02 2021

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo is excited begin offering Zooper Birthday Parties again starting on February 1, 2021. The Zoo has made the appropriate modifications to be in compliance with Louisiana’s Open Safely Guidelines. Meanwhile, the Zoo has made certain to keep the fun & excitement of a party at the Zoo intact while keeping guests, employees, and animals as safe as possible.


Zooper Safe Party Package Includes:

  • All day Zoo access
  • Private Party hosted under the Capital One Outdoor Pavilion for 1.5 hours with private restrooms & ceiling fans
  • Party Host (Gloved & Masked)
  • Animal themed decorations & tableware
  • Birthday cupcakes, ice cream cups, and punch
  • Individually wrapped crafts for children to make and take home
  • Host will bring 3 ambassador animals that could include: Armadillo, Owl, Tarantula, Tenrec, Snakes, Hedgehog, Lizards, Guinea Pig and more.

More info can be found HERE.