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Four Egyptian Goslings Hatched at BREC’S Baton Rouge Zoo 
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Four Egyptian Goslings Hatched at BREC’S Baton Rouge Zoo

January 27, 2014

Egyptian goslings hatch at Baton Rouge Zoo

Four Egyptian goslings were hatched on Sunday, January 19, at BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo. Found naturally south of the Sahara in Africa, these water lovers were considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians and later kept in domestic flocks by Romans and Greeks. The goslings are actively on display near Cool Critters Café.

About BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo
BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo is a place where people connect with animals, including tigers, giraffes, rhinos and alligators. The world-class Realm of the Tiger, Flamingo Cove, Giants of the Islands, Safari Playground, L'aquarium de Louisiane, Parrot Paradise and KidsZoo exhibits offer fun and education for all ages. The Baton Rouge Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), a distinction reserved for only the top 10% of zoos in the nation.

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