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I Love My Zoo Day 
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I Love My Zoo Day

January 11, 2013

Join us this Saturday, February 9, for a Valentine extravaganza!

On this day, our animals will enjoy a special treat in the form of enrichment prepared by their Zoo keepers. Enrichment is any activity that allows the animals to behave as they would in the wild.

Visit the Wildlife Safari Amphitheatre for programs featuring the sometimes-strange and amazing "birds and the bees" facts as they apply to our affectionate animals. Visitors can also create a valentine for their favorite animal at the Zoo!

The Zoo will be open from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Zoo grounds close at 5 p.m. Regular Zoo admission applies for this event.

Below is a schedule of keeper chats for I Love My Zoo Day.

9:45 A.M.            Tiger Enrichment

10:00 A.M.          Parrot Paradise Enrichment

10:30 A.M.          Elephant Demonstration

11:00 A.M.          Otter Enrichment

11:30 A.M.          Aquarium Enrichment

1:00 P.M.            Birds of Prey Enrichment

1:30 P.M.             Hippo Enrichment

2:00 P.M.             KidsZoo Enrichment

2:30 P.M.             Bat Enrichment

2:45 P.M.             Galapagos Tortoise Enrichment

3:00 P.M.             Spider Monkey Enrichment

3:15 P.M.             Spotnose Guenon Enrichment

3:30 P.M.             Small Cats Enrichment

4:00 P.M.             Rhino Enrichment

Fun Fact
A group of otters is called a romp.
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