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Pumpkin Party for the Animals 
Pumpkin Party for the Animals

November 03, 2012

Once you've had your tricks and treats at Boo at the Zoo, it's time for the animals' turn. Visit the Zoo November 3 & 4 for a Pumpkin Party at the Zoo! You'll be amazed to see what a tiger...or a hippo...or a bison does with a pumpkin.  Pumpkin Party is all about animal enrichment - anything to encourage our animals' wellness. Some animals will have their favorite treats hidden in the pumpkin, and for other animals, the pumpkin IS the treat! In addition to all the wild pumpkin fun, visitors will enjoy Wildlife Safari Amphitheatre shows and Otter Chats throughout the day. Call 225.775.3877 for more information.

Fun Fact
A group of tigers is called an ambush.
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