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Hot Dog Combo ($4.59 each)
Hamburger Combo ($5.49 each)
Cheeseburger Combo ($5.90 each)
Ham & Cheese Sandwich Combo ($5.75 each)
Turkey & Swiss Sandwich Combo ($5.75 each)
Tuna Sandwich Combo ($5.75 each)
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Powerade ($2.50 each)
20 oz. Bottled Water ($2.50 each)
Tummy Yummy ($1.50 each)

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Sno-cone ($2.00 each)
Peanut Butter Jelly Grahamwich ($1.50 each)
M&M's ($1.00 each)
Snickers ($1.00 each)
Skittles ($1.00 each)
Lay's potato chips ($1.00 each)
Frito corn chips ($1.00 each)
Ice cream ($2.00 each)
Zoo Animal Crackers ($1.00 each)
Popcorn ($1.50 each)
Pickle ($1.00 each)
Veggie Chips ($1.00 each)
Cotton Candy ($2.00 each)

Flamingo Cafe phone: 225-775-3877 x218, x229 or x243 Hours: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you place a food order and your field trip is cancelled or postponed, please contact a supervisor at the number above to cancel or reschedule. A 9% Louisiana sales tax will apply if a tax exempt form is not provided; prices are subject to change without notice. A Flamingo Cafe Supervisor will contact you via e-mail to confirm your order, the order total and pickup time. Your pickup time may be adjusted to accommodate order volume. Seating at the Flamingo Cafe is not reserved.
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Fun Fact
The national animal symbols for Malaysia are the Malaysian tiger and the rhinoceros hornbill.
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