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Extinct in Wild
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Eastern Central Africa

East African Crowned Crane

When these cranes are looking for food they often stamp their feet to disturb insects in the grasses and ground. They spend 50-75% of their time feeding.

A mated pair of East African crowned cranes will stay together year round. The pair bond is strengthened by the performance of a courtship dance which includes leaps, bows, head-bobbing and wing fluttering. The chicks, who may stay with the parents for up to nine months, often join in the dance.

HABITATOpen country, especially grasslands near water
DIETVegetable materials and small animal life such as lizards, grasshoppers, worms, and insects
LIFE Expectancy Unknown

Fun Fact
Timber rattlesnake mothers stay with their young until their first shed at 7-10 days. At this point they develop their first rattle.
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