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Extinct in Wild
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Blue-tongued Skink

When disturbed the blue-tongued skink puts on quite a display.  It puffs up and hisses, then gapes its mouth and sticks out its bright blue tongue in an attempt to startle a would-be predator.


This lizard spends most of its time hidden in leaf litter.  The shape of its head and overall coloration is thought to mimic the venomous death adder.

HABITATSemi-desert, woodlands, scrublands
DIETLeaves, berries, flowers, insects, snails
LIFE Expectancy10-20 years

Fun Fact
If a human baby weighed 7 pounds at birth and grew at the same rate as an American alligator it would be 36 feet tall and weigh 150,000 pounds when fully grown.
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