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Extinct in Wild
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North and Central America

Red-tailed Hawk

The red-tail is the most commonly seen bird of prey in North America.  It may also be the most commonly heard.  The raspy scream of the red-tail is used in movies and on television for any bird of prey including the eagle.

85-90% of this hawk's diet is rodents, like rats and mice, making it an important ally to humans.  Mated pairs of red-tails have been seen hunting cooperatively with one bird chasing the prey toward its waiting mate.

HABITATScrub desert, plains, grasslands, woodlands, rainforests, urban and suburban areas
DIETSmall mammals, reptiles and birds
LIFE Expectancy10-15 years

Fun Fact
When inflated the Siamang throat sac is as large as a human head.
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