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Extinct in Wild
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Eastern U.S.


While the bite of the venomous copperhead is painful it is rarely fatal to humans.  Copperheads have the mildest venom of any North American snake but are responsible for more bites than any other species.  Most bites occur when people try to handle or kill the snake.  Simply leaving it alone is the best way to avoid a bite.

Copperheads are social snakes that overwinter in communal dens, sometimes with other species of snakes.  Female copperheads that are gravid (carrying young) are often seen sunning in groups.

HABITATTerrestrial to semi-aquatic habitat from forested hillsides to wetlands
DIETMice, lizards, amphibians, cicadas
LIFE Expectancy18 years

Fun Fact
Chinchillas have the second densest hair coats of any mammal with up to 60 hairs growing from each follicle. The densest coat belongs to the sea otter.
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