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Extinct in Wild
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Central South America

Yellow-footed Tortoise

The yellow-footed tortoise is so-named for the yellow scales on its front legs. This is the largest species of tortoises on the South American mainland. The population of this species is dropping due to the fact that they are widely hunted for their meat, and many are taken from the wild to be sold in the U.S. as pets.

This tortoise produces a surprising variety of sounds including hisses, coos and a clucking noise that sounds a lot like a chicken.

HABITATDense tropical rainforests, dry forests and grasslands
DIETGrasses, succulents, fruits, snails, worms and carrion
LIFE Expectancy30-50 years

Fun Fact
Kookaburra young from the previous year help raise the brood from the current year.
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