How the Baton Rouge Zoo Handles the Weather

September 07 2017

Baton Rouge, La –  BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo sees its fair share of non-temperate weather and weather concerns year after year. During extreme heat the Zoo ensures the animals have plenty of extra water and shaded spots to remain cool. The Zoo’s animal collection are ones who typically thrive in a South Louisiana climate.

As well, the Zoo pays special lookout for our ZooKeeper staff to ensure they are staying cool and hydrated. The keepers aim to do the majority of the most strenuous work in the mornings to minimize any undue strain that may occur when caring for our animal collection. From a guest perspective, the Zoo has installed misting fans at key stations throughout the Zoo to ensure the coolness of its visitors.

But the heat isn’t the only extreme element for which the Zoo is prepared. The Zoo is ready for all extreme weather events, including floods, freezes or hurricanes. In all of these, the Zoo ensures phone lists are current for up-to-the-minute communication. In extreme cold, the Zoo provides heated areas for the animals who require it. In times of high wind or hurricane, the Zoo immediately goes hurricane protocol mode, which includes preparing the administrative, animal, education, guest services, horticulture departments for the conditions ahead. The animals are provided with enough food and water to cover a minimum of 48 hours based on the individual species needs and a relocation takes place for any animals that are in need of a more protected enclosure from the wind.