Multiple Outside Experts Say Baton Rouge Zoo is Not at Fault for Animal Deaths

August 29 2016

BATON ROUGE, LA—After several high profile deaths at BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo, reports from the American... Read More »

An Open Letter to the Humans Who Love Our Animals

August 04 2016

In recent weeks and months, the Baton Rouge Zoo has experienced a number of back-to-back animal deaths that are both... Read More »

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo Releases Final Site Inspection Report from the AZA

May 26 2016

BATON ROUGE, LA—Today BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo released the final site inspection report conducted by members... Read More »

Final Necropsy for Malayan Tiger at BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo Released

May 05 2016

Today BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo released the final necropsy report for its juvenile Malayan tiger who died this... Read More »

BREC’S Baton Rouge Zoo Mourns Loss of Malayan Tiger

April 15 2016

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo is deeply saddened to announce the death of Hadiah, one of its two juvenile... Read More »